Tuesday, October 25, 2016


          We got Kevin Hart, we got Meek Mill, next up PnB Rock, who said Philly losing?! Check out this hot new banger from PnB Rock featuring D-Block's own Styles P. Song is called "Want It All;" this a hit.

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         The hottest artist on but not technically on. King Los is the first artist I put myself on. One of his mixtapes I heard caught my attention from front to back that's when I became a fan, a year later he was signed to Bad Boy Records. Hopefully he put some more tracks out because this new track I'm "Fuckin Wit It." 
     Click the link below to hear it.

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Monday, October 24, 2016


         I don't know if anyone has ever came home from prison and had more love than Gucci Mane. Gucci has been shown love from every coast and every artist from every coast not just the south and he has been everywhere. Gucci has also kept his work ethic, dropping songs non-stop including this hot new track called "Aggressive," which features cameos from Young Thug and also Meek Mill. Check the video out below.
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Friday, October 21, 2016


       The best sports player to rap and the top 5 point guard in the NBA, Damian Lilliard is stamping it even more by stating: "As far as ability, I know I'm the best hooper to ever rap." It caught wind of by Former Philadelphia 76er player Lou Williams who also raps (Lou nice too).  Dame also decided to rap his debut album "#TheLetterO" which can be purchased on itunes. 
    So I ask this? Is the rap game in a good place? We got State Property coming back out but all solo, we got new genres of rap such as mumble rap, we got tons of rap beefs going on and now we got sports stars dropping albums that might be better and might even out sell actual rap artist. I'm loving hip-hop right now.
    Click the link below to listen to Dame D.O.L.L.A. new track "Loyal To The Soil" featuring Lil Wayne!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016


         Smh, all I can say. This dude word play is ridiculous! If we didn't need this with all this mumble rap, here goes a real rapper. Eminem went away for a while but he gave us a treat: 7 minutes of straight rap. Listening to this new track by the Detroit great entitled "Campaign Speech."
      Check it out by clicking the link below.

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       I wouldn't call Sammie a one hit wonder because he more talented than that, but let's just say he not active enough with his music. But, I am glad he released this new track called "I'm Him," a track for the good dudes for once. Check the video out below.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


        Gunna aka Young Chris, I guess it going by Gunna now. Well he just released a flame track called "Murda" which I'm feeling alot. The video is also hot, check out the twisted plot.
    With all these State Property artist now working and working heavily it's sad we won't see a collabo, but again this is Philly (smh).
   Check out the video below.
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Friday, October 14, 2016

YOUNG M.A. - "Quiet Storm"

         Nicki Minaj has finally got competition!! This new girl on the scene Young M.A. has her foot full throttle on the gas and she "COMING!" Fresh off her BET performance and her single "OOOUUU" still doing numbers, she releases another hot track called "Quiet Storm." SHE GOT BARS!!!
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        UFC's best and most popular fighter Connor McGregor will be facing a new challenge at UFC 205 on November 12, 2016. He will be going up against a Philadelphia native and current light weight champion Eddie Alvarez. It's hard for me to go against Mcgregor, but its equally hard for me to go agaisnt anything Philly especially when Eddie Alvarez grew up in the same neighborhood (literally a mile away) as me. I'm going to be honest, I heard of Eddie before but I never kept up with him until I heard of him fighting McGregor. I read up on him and learned his story and it's a pretty good one.  Eddie Alvarez is from Kensington, a rough section of Philadelphia; drug and crime filled. I read up on Eddie and watched a documentary on him and he has alot of feats, such as him being the first and only fighter to have won belts/championships in Bellator MMA and the UFC. Eddie seems pretty confident that he will destroy Connor this November stating: Connor would be a fool to want to fight him and fighting Connor would be an easy fight for him.  Sorry, I'm a Connor fan but my loyalty is to my city,  I'm picking Eddie Alvarez to win this fight.  
     Watch Eddie's documentary below.
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Thursday, October 13, 2016


        Ok I sat back and watched this bullshit unfold and either way Philly taking a "L." You got a Philly legend (Beanie Siegel) and a current Philadelphia superstar (Meek Mill) going at it over a nigga assumed to be "fake," The Game. I remember Beans telling Ar-Ab and Meek Mill to not go to war over Drake baiting Ar-Ab by saying Ar name in a diss record ("Back To Back") towards Meek Mill and now we got Beans not using his own advice. The Game, whom is in Los Angeles right now and by the way hasn't been touched once, the guy that started all this bullshit is sitting back watching these Philly dickheads go at it. While he sit back laugh at them and make memes and diss records towards the both of them. If anybody winning it's The Game, he instigated and provoked all of this and now it looks like he not even in the beef no more smh.
       On another subject, I had to talk about Charlamagne Tha God; I kinda fuck with Charlamagne but I don't fuck with TaxStone, but Charlamagne is looking like a hater instead of him calling Beans a hater. Charlamagne got or has a chip on his shoulder towards Beans because Beans  previously calls him fake on a previous interview before Beans came on the Breakfast Club. Everyone knows even Charlamagne knows these days,  a "real nigga" is presumed to be the most gangster, and everyone knows in every squad their is a member of a squad that has a Kanye West; a non gangster type nigga. So I understand what Beans is saying. Just because a nigga not "real" don't mean you can't hang with him or them. I have friends that are gangsters or hood but they still hang with me, I just don't be around when the hood or gangster shit occurs or bout to pop off, you can hang with who you want to and I understand what Beans was saying relating towards Kanye West. In also like Beans was saying,  it makes sense why Meek Mill didn't want to do the show in Reading, Pa. because, if you was following the bullshit this pass month. The Game had a show in Reading, Pa. right before or after he started that bullshit with him getting a Philly cheesesteak or not. So I understand everything what Beans was saying in that interview. All in all, both these dudes making Philly look bad, they going at eachother in rap and on the street, while the dude that started it all, ain't even in the beef anymore. He still making memes and diss records clowning both of them smfh. #phiLLy

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Sunday, October 2, 2016


        Young M.A. hot new New York rapper who broke on the scene with her hot track entitled "OOOUUU." The track has been remade numerous times especially on recent diss records with Meek Mill and The Game going at eachother. She releases a new track called "Pain" off the Drake beat showing her first track ain't a fluke.
    Check the track out by clicking the link below.

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