Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Victor Oladipo ft. Eric Bellinger - “UNFOLLOW”

             I feel ashamed; as a NBA addict and a self described blogger; I shouldn’t be this late to find out NBA player from the Indiana Pacers @vicoladipo has music and an EP out! 🤦‍♂️.... To be all the way 💯, the track is far from ass, it’s a good listen. Check it out called “Unfollow” featuring the underrated @ericbellinger .  Watch the video by going on the website ( in the bio.  Also don’t forget my dude @damianlillard should or might have already released an EP himself. 

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Mase - “The Oracle” (Cam’Ron diss)


       Another Harlem fake beef? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔🧐 cuz them Dipset dudes known for doing fake beefs (it’s documented) for promotion or sales...notice @jimjonescapo & @mr_camron was beefing not too long ago now look... well whatever... another Harlem ambassador Mase! Just took major shots at Cam! Check it out by going on the website in the bio ( Btw Dipset on a new tour...promotional tool? 

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


        Mmmmmmmmmm (@omelly voice)! Sexy ass @ashanti is back with a hot track which should feature a video on the way entitled “Say Less.” The track also features the new hook King @tydollasign.  Check the track out by going on the website ( in the bio. 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Jacques Ft. Dej Loaf - "AT THE CLUB"

         Jacquees and everyone's crush Def Loaf meet to release this hot new soon to be banger "At The Club." Check out the video by going on the website ( in the bio.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


    At first I thought dude Tee GRIZZLEY was gon be a one hit wonder after his hot 🔥 hit "First Day Out," but then he put out an alright song called "No Effort," then right after he made me a fan with this new smash 🔥 called "Beef" featuring Meek Mill. This jawn a hit; if you haven't heard yet, listen on the website ( in the bio. 

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Thursday, September 14, 2017


       Machine Gun Kelly releases a hot new video called "Let You  Go." This video is something different from MGK. Check it out to see if you like, by going on t( in the bio.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

NBA 2K 18 vs. NBA LIVE 18

        Basketball season is approaching. So that means fantasy drafts, NBA opener and video game purchasing is underway. Yet this year is different, what video game are you getting? Yea NBA 2k has had the basketball gaming industry on lock the pass many years, but NBA live was the first popular video game franchise and back in effect and trying to get their crown back. They are making a great case for it too! They made mega news becoming the first video game platform to feature woman's professional WNBA players, so that should sway a lot of female video game buyers, but also the graphics and gameplay has also gotten better. I had the chance to play my nephew on a demo yesterday and I loved it! So the case is to go back to your old Love in NBA Live or play it safe and stay with  the NBA 2k franchise? What you gon do? I was thinking of buying both. 🤷🏾‍♂️


    Check out the Philly King @meekmill new video on the websites ( or Also check out his clothing on his site.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


           Michael Jackson II and Ike Jr. aka most popularly known Chris Breezy drops a 🔥 new track called "Questions" which samples hit Jamaica song "Turn Me On." Check out the video by going on the website ( in the bio.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fat Joe Ft. Dre - "So Excited"

           I remember when these dudes was killing. Fat Joe, Dre, Wayne, Birdman, I mean not Birdman but these dudes was killing! This new video by Fat Joe called "So Excited" is bringing back them old vibes. Check it out by going on the website ( in the bio.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


      "  First off, I would like to say; KARMA's A BITCH!😏 Shoutout to the dude Troy Ave made lemonade out of them lemons! He back with another hit record and if niggas don't hate like they usually do, then this track "CiCi" should be a hit!  Check it out by clicking the link below.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

BRUSH" [Movie]

         One  word: IMPRESSED! This movie being written by an underground Philly rapper, when you use to seeing rushed and unprofessional work, you will appreciate this movie. You would think this was an Hollywood movie, the acting ain't A1 Hollywood but the way the movie was written and how it looked I'm impressed and proud of this Philly dude especially watching from afar how hard he put the work in and the ground work he put in to getting the movie out their. Next one I'm definitely supporting! Congrats to @blackdeniro_215 and his staff on this movie "Brush." Check it out by going on his page and linking the link in the bio or on the website ( in the bio. 

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TROY AVE - "Rob Kardashian" & "On My Birthday"

    Troy is avoiding the haters and bad energy and making other peoples lemonade into his ☕️. A day from all the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian mess, who knew you could make a song off of it? Well Dope boy Troy ain't playing no games. Check out the new track called "Rob Kardashian" and his new video "On My Birthday" by going on the website ( in the bio.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


           Who said Meek Mill only rap about Rollie's?! Who said Meek ain't diverse?! Meek killed this new track for the ladies! Meek killed this sampled track and gathered Chris Brown and Ty DOLLA $ign to be featured on the track. Check out the track but clicking the link below.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NICKI MINAJ ft. DRAKE & LIL WAYNE - "No Frauds" (Remy Ma diss)


          After the beef has seemingly died now, Nicki new "No Frauds" video is soon and most certainly will get this shit popping again, especially since the video includes a cameo from many assumed to be Remy Ma's good friend Rah Ali (smh). Check the video out below.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

"Uncle Tom?!"

         Some people start to get some many old "white men (money)" in their pocket that they start talking like them. Crazy it's coming from the blackest dude around talking about and degrading black woman. I guess money has made their nigga head bigger than what it already is. Name a time Tyrese degraded black woman when he was a struggling R&B singer with a tongue ring?! I'll wait, their wasn't any. But now his money different and he rubbing shoulders with them white folks he thing he better than his own people. Let's be clear and let's humble this burnt nigga real quick. He got lucky when he got this role because their are numerous loud talking black dudes (Ja Rule, Samuel L. Jackson, Lance Gross to name a few) could play his role. Only role that was made for Tyrese and only Tyrese was "Baby Boy." 
     Now let's get to the music now. Big headed Tyrese had the nerve to say he should get the highest pay for the group "TGT," which features him, Tank and Ginuwine because he (Tyrese) is the bigger name. Get this clear bruh, you the bigger name from your movie franchise not from your music. Ginuwine and Tank have way more hits than you before and after your acting career started popping. 
    Dudes like this let them be, karma will soon come around, even if it don't come around "fast enough" (Jim Jones voice).

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Thursday, April 6, 2017


      No female rappers? I pray she has no ghost writer, I hope these her bars. Don't care what a hater say, Cardi B hot! If these her bars.
     Cardio B the type of ratchet chick you want a hall pass with man. Shorty bad as shit she real and talented with the bars, two times! Emphasis on bars.
    Shout-out to Cardi B though man, making the most of the "Love & Hip-Hop" soap opera.
    Check out the full freestyle video below.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


           He may not be the best or most lyrical rapper alive but he the realest and most inspirational. He the definition of "Ignorant Thinker." A thug with knowledge unfathomed. Good to finally get some new material from this dude even though they still tryna bring down his life and spirits. Check out his new track "What If" below.

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           Sad news, around the time of releasing the visual for his hot banger "Everyday We Lit," featuring Phillies own PNB Rock, YFN Lucci is currently detained. One of the hottest new comers from the south for the past year, hopefully he can get out soon to keep pushing his music.
    Watch the video below.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


         This song by Lecrae is the hottest song out besides all the songs on Rick Ross's new album. I'm pretty new to this artist (Lecrae) so hopefully he can produce more songs like this one; "Blessings." This track features Ty Dolla $ign, who seems to be the new feature king right now. 
      Check out the video below.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


        Initially (thanks H&D (insider(lol), I had my day planned to finally get my first glimpse of Quade Green of Neumann-Goretti play basketball. Green is nationally ranked and heading to play basketball next year at college basketball heaven, the  University of Kentucky. He is also the  22nd overall basketball player in the nation, according to "ESPN," a very credibal source. 
       While I'm purchasing my ticket at Temple Universities Liacouras Center. I was notified that I wasn't just purchasing for one game but two. Buy one get one free? I'm a coupon addict I live for these type of deals. So I would be watching Quade Green and Neumann-Goretti versus Delaware Valley Charter and also Reading High School versus Archbishop Ryan. So, before the game I don't know no players on either of the teams of the second game, but let's just say I'm glad I stayed.
          Neumann ended up blowing out Del-Val 76-47. In a pretty modest attendance, which I was surprised and embarrassed by since both of these teams are from the area.
    Up next comes the game of the night;  Reading versus Ryan. Patiently waiting for the clock to tick down to start the game so I can race home so my girl don't think I'm out cheating because a second game wasn't in the books (lol). As I'm waiting I wipe my eyes to see if I'm not seeing things. I start to notice the arena getting crowded. Just then a guy sitting a seat down from me, he pats me and sarcastically asked me: "now you ready to see a game?" Now I'm in the sunken place (lol), the whole time I figured I was in the Neumann section, I wasn't because their wasn't a Neumann section. I was clamoured around an arena full of Reading supporters (shout out to them, they really ride for their squad and their city), a small percentage was for Neumann and Ryan. So me thinking he gassing (Philly term) the situation, I nod sarcastically and say yeah. So in response he says to me, "watch out for him." Pointing at a slim but muscular, tall teenager, with a red headband and sporting the new culture look of a nappy top or nappy mini afro. This teenager happened to be Lonnie Walker, number one ranked player in the state of Pennsylvania and number 18th overall ranked player in the country according to ESPN.
     The game starts! Jump ball, immediately the vibe in the arena is totally different from the first game. Fans are shouting from the beginning to ending of the game. I got three old ladies behind me yelling all game. They reminded me of the Golden girls how funny they were but at the same time I was amazed to see how well they knew the game. Me being a new referee, it was a tough atmosphere to deal with and an atmosphere I'm not ready for.
      First quarter every thing going Ryan's way. I'mm happy but at the same time I have to be discreet, remembering I am on the opponents section. Second quarter comes that's when all hell (excuse my language) breaks loose. The teenager that I was told to keep an eye on, well he went off. Helping Reading end the quarter on a big run eventually taking the lead. Reading will never give up the lead after that and the kid, Lonnie Walker was just as good as advertised, ending the night with 35 points and a trip to the state finals.
          It was a good night for me to watch some good high school ball, watch some future college stars, learn from the referees I was watching and to enjoy a good night with some Reading, Pennsylvania folks.
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Sunday, March 19, 2017


         This guy been missing for a while. Last time I seen him, he was snapping on a girl on a episode of "Catfish (hit show on MTV television network)." Well I'm glad he's back, and he's back with a banger! Machine Gun Kelly releases a new track called "At My Best" featuring a newcomer to me, she goes by the name of Hailee Steinfeld (she has a beautiful voice).

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Thursday, March 16, 2017


         Seems to me these blog and hip-hop websites tryna black ball my dude Troy Ave. Troy dropped a hot track entitled "Real Eyes Realize Real Lies," three days ago and still haven't been posted on some of these so called top hip-hop sites. I wanna know what's going on. It's cool though Troy, we got you. 
    Check the video out below.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


       Just when Remy Ma said the beef was over, Nicki Minaj decides to finally come back. Nicki Minaj releases three tracks, one coming at Meek Mill in a way, one taking shots at Remy Ma and one track strictly for Remy Ma, but it features Drake and Lil Wayne. That's a no-no, because if they didn't forget, Remy Ma is married to a lyrical monster which he proves yet again on this diss track called "Culture Vultures" in response to Nicki Minaj's diss track.  Check it out by clicking the link below. Hey we in a real beef now man, I'm excited.

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Friday, March 10, 2017


          First off let's get this clear. I'm a Nicki Minaj fan always has been and always will be. But, it's like this, for instance, we all got a punk friend or whatever. Somebody picks or keeps picking on your friend and you desperately wants him to stand up and fight for himself but deep down you know he not cause he a punk. So you be so mad at him for it but you still his friend but you don't wanna be bothered with him at the time so you give him his space. That's how I felt about Nicki, like you got to come back no matter what people try to say Remy Ma's diss TRACKS were both hot and entirely disrespectful so I'm like yo Nicki you got to come back. I'm a Nicki fan before I support Remy so I was getting heated. But today we can all be friends again, the Queen of the game, the baddest chick (this is no debate, Nicki badder than Remy) in the game finally responded. After listening my review is Young Money is all the same. They don't write the greatest bars but they write greater music. Just like the Drake "Back 2 Back" diss track, their is not no great bars on that track it's just a great song to listen to. But, niggas ride Drake nuts more than his skin so niggas going to hype it up. Remy made a great diss track with bars but Nicki's diss track I would rather listen to. By the way if I didn't mention Nicki dropped three songs and one she is talking about Meek Mill not in the baddest or the nicest way but she is clearing her thoughts, that's a hot track also.
     Check out all three tracks entitled "Regret In Your Tears," Changed It," and "No Frauds" below. Also check out a click of Lady Luck, Remy Ma's long-time nemesis to see how she feels about Remy Ma towards Nicki. She makes a lot of good points. That clip is going to be below also.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017


           Late last year or early last year I believe, I got the dates mixed up. But, the Philadelphia school system is in a major downturn. I know this first hand from being a student in the system, having younger siblings and nieces and nephews in the system and also because I'm a referee. I go to see schools and gyms and see students having to have gym or basketball games in the same rooms that they eat their lunch in; that's terrible and saddening.  So to fix this issue, with schools having little funding, teachers having no desire or excitement at their jobs based on the new news currently of a teacher posting a billboard discussing teachers not getting a raise in five years. So again to fix this solution, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney and the Kenney administration decided to put a tax on our favorite beverages. Basically it's like a bait or blackmail, either you be more healthy or pay to indulge in the negative nullrishment. Again I'm a victim of this new tax myself.  For example, I'm a new coupon fein, so I have this coupon for "Family Dollar" which is three cases of soda for ten dollars. I was excited, I got me a great deal is what I'm thinking. Naw, shoot my excitement down ASAP (as soon as possible). The cashier tells me because of the recent soda tax they can't redeem this coupon I can only use it outside of Philadelphia county. Of course I'm upset, but I can't be mad at the cashier she don't make the rules she just has to do her job; I ended up paying $17 instead of the ten dollars I expected.
    How has this soda tax affected other areas of the city? Well rumor has it a lot of  people are shopping outside of the county and I don't blame them. Who this has effected the most is soda companies. Has it? Well based on my findings via the internet and the "Philadelphia Daily News," local soda companies, such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola are laying off a good amount of employees. Here is where it gets debatable. I'm going to use Pepsi as my example. Pepsi has stated last week that they are scheduled to lay off 80-100 workers based on a "supposedly" 40 percent cut in sales, but in other stats it shows that Pepsi made $35 billion last year and a $6 billion dollar profit. This soda tax has also helped create 251 jobs specifically full time Pre-K teaching positions. So is the soda companies really losing money? And on the other hand would you trade in one hundred loss soda workers for an additional 250  educational workers? It's a dog eat dog world and something has to give so? Your thoughts. But! On the other hand, it has been reported in pass news that the city of Philadelphia is also receiving thousands, I mean high thousands from Uber and other ride sharing companies that also help benefit the Philadelphia school systems. So is these soda companies being greedy or is the Philadelphia school system doing that bad that they need funding from two different funding companies?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


           Up and coming (he better get the XXL FRESHMEN cover this year) Philadelphia rapper/crooner made waves with his tracks "On Fleek" and "Selfish," which recently went gold. Now PnB has dropped another track called "Notice Me," which will is on his latest project "Going Through The Motions." 
    Check the video out below.
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Thursday, February 9, 2017


           I'm not the biggest Waka Flocka fan, but I had to post this fire diss track! Call me an instigator but I love diss tracks. Also Waka gotta be the king of AD LIBS
     I thought they would become cool again, but after this diss track from Waka towards Gucci called "Was My Dawg," I don't know if they ever will be cool again.
       Check out the track by clicking the link below.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


           Aye Trey Songz, August Alsina, Usher; yall got a young bul or new artist climbing for that top R&B spot and he doing vocals and good music, not this new music. Check out Jacquees and Dej Loaf new track called "Deeper," it's sounding like they throwing hints of a possible relationship. Jacquees has been known for having a thing for Dej. Check out the track by clicking the link below, this track fire! Promise!

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Monday, February 6, 2017


          To those hating on Wale, a la my two co-workers (30 min ago), here is some more flames for yall to listen to, Wale a beast! Also good and glad to see Weezy aka Lil Wayne gearing his come back. Hot song and hot verses by both, check out the video to their new track called "Running Back" below.
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Friday, February 3, 2017

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" (Uber Article)

          Earlier this week Uber Technologies Inc. was cited for being on President Trump's business advisory group which the administration supports the immigration ban and policies. This is a smack in the face when a lot of uber sales and Uber workers/drivers are immigrants. After getting news about this many people immediately deleted their Uber app and resorted to Uber's competitor Lyft. 
   What angered me more is that Uber put out a statement in street terms snitching on the other companies in the group because they were cited. Other companies include CEO's of: Tesla, General Motors, Pepsi and IBM to name a few.
      It is now Friday February 3, 2017 and Uber now has put out a statement saying Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has quit the Trump business advisory group. This is where I say naw "you motherfucker." Uber didn't quit the group ethically or rightfully they quit because they didn't believe.....basically it was a business decision. Uber was losing customers/consumers and they felt it and the media and social media was all over it.
      I barely use either app Uber or Lyft but the few times I did I used Uber but they are now deleted and I will be taking my talents to Lyft.

(Works cited: Social Media & Metro Philly newspaper but my words)

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Thursday, February 2, 2017


           You never know in today's industry, what beef is real what beef is fake because everybody doing it and nobody getting hurt. So me, I try to not pay much attention to the "fake beefs" but this one don't seem to be fraudulent especially since it's stirring from the same city. Speaking of stirring, when we thought this beef was over Young Dolph has stirred the spot again and dissed Yo Gotti again after everyone thought their beef died down. Check out his new diss track towards Gotti called "Play Wit Yo Bitch," by clicking the link below.

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Friday, January 20, 2017


       I heard about this artist early last year and I figured she be big by now but in due time she will be heavily known. Check out this talented artist Yuna new song called "Poor Heart."
     Check out the video below.


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Thursday, January 19, 2017


        Females send your baddest photos to email ( Whatever photo gets the most votes (by comment(s) will win a giftcard to a local business; Wawa, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, etc. If you see, know and/or notice a "Bad JAWN" email us their photos. 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


         When you talking best battle rappers, maybe of all time, Loaded Lux got to be in your top five and he especially better be in your top 10. Me, well be if he ain't the best, he definitely in my top three. He been gone for a minute and I guess this is why. Loaded Lux I guess is taking his shot at the mainstream, dropping a visual for his track called "Let Em Know." Give it a listen, he is dropping bars, as usual.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


            KARMA!!!! All imma say regarding that. Time for the get back. Troy Ave back to releasing hot videos and songs. Up first, the hot new track called "Freaks Only." Check it out below.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


           Hard time finding a girl? Especially during cuffing season. It might be even harder to find a girl in Philadelphia especially if you are in college, specifically Temple University. According to website, Philadelphia college students seek out sugar daddies more than any other U.S. city. Temple University, WHO?!, yeah I said it, Temple University had the biggest increase in 2016 by the count of 296 students both male and female with a total of 1,068. Another Big L to the city of Philadelphia, not a stat we should be proud of. Ain't tricking if you got it?!
Read more on this at Philadelphia Metro Weekly.

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