Thursday, January 3, 2019

Product Review: SANARE SMART


        None of us are getting any younger. Has father time mysteriously caught up to you? If yes, same here. I can’t even play a pick up basketball anymore without going home with pain in my body and muscles. That’s why I’m glad I found out about this new brand/product called Sanare Smart, based out in Chico, California and been up and running since 2014. 
     Sanare Smart is a brand/company determined to put out a product to sooth and relieve pain using natural ingredients. All of their products use hemp derived canNavi kids together with organic essential oils and terpenes for maximum pain relief. Products include lip balm, CBD infused organic coconut oil and pain relief lotion/creme to name a few. 
      If interested and if you would like to buy or sample a product, contact me or the actual company itself.

  • Writer: Malik Charlton/ IgnoranThinker /T: wordofmouthlogo

Company: Sanare Smart/@sanaresmart/

Sample product review (CBD Original Advanced Topical Pain Relief): “It worked fast, soon as I put it on I felt better, but it didn’t last long.” - customer review