Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Poem # 5 CCP DAYS CLASS OF 2013

The sounds of the mellow air
No birds are chirping
This dull foggy October day
No leaves on the ground yet
On the tall trees they stay.
Only thing good about today;
Is the soothing breeze,
It makes me feel more open
Helping keep my mind and my blood flowing more easily,
No headaches from real life worries or relationship stress
Just falling back as my day progress.
Suddenly nineteen and twenty year old high school students rush by
Pacing fast around the newly designed college campus like New Yorkers during rush hour traffic.
One group talks loudly,
Now I can't hear my brain think
I know I'm not in a library
But I was just concentrating,
Their loud obnoxious echoes is confusing my poetic thoughts.
Something like them old televisions with the clothesline antennas.
If this disturbed poem is a little out of sync,
Blame it on the party like college atmosphere...
You can't be around careless students and try to think.

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