Monday, April 11, 2016

Reed Dollaz (@RealReedDollaz) VS Chess (URL Rap Battle) @SMACKWHITE

  I calmed down watching these rap battles because its getting watered down and they making it corny with these tag team battles, but since Reed Dollaz is back on yet again, I gave it a look. Reed Dollaz battled this up and comer named Chess, whom people was killing it the comments (lol). But all in all it was a good battle and Reed is getting his mojo back especially based on his first battle back. Expect Reed to put Philly back on the map on the battle rap scene because fuck Cassidy. I gave this battle to Reed 2-1, Reed got the first two rounds and lost the last one. Check the battle out below.

- @weirdo_leek

                                                        "GET THE WORD OUT!"

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