Sunday, March 5, 2017


           Late last year or early last year I believe, I got the dates mixed up. But, the Philadelphia school system is in a major downturn. I know this first hand from being a student in the system, having younger siblings and nieces and nephews in the system and also because I'm a referee. I go to see schools and gyms and see students having to have gym or basketball games in the same rooms that they eat their lunch in; that's terrible and saddening.  So to fix this issue, with schools having little funding, teachers having no desire or excitement at their jobs based on the new news currently of a teacher posting a billboard discussing teachers not getting a raise in five years. So again to fix this solution, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney and the Kenney administration decided to put a tax on our favorite beverages. Basically it's like a bait or blackmail, either you be more healthy or pay to indulge in the negative nullrishment. Again I'm a victim of this new tax myself.  For example, I'm a new coupon fein, so I have this coupon for "Family Dollar" which is three cases of soda for ten dollars. I was excited, I got me a great deal is what I'm thinking. Naw, shoot my excitement down ASAP (as soon as possible). The cashier tells me because of the recent soda tax they can't redeem this coupon I can only use it outside of Philadelphia county. Of course I'm upset, but I can't be mad at the cashier she don't make the rules she just has to do her job; I ended up paying $17 instead of the ten dollars I expected.
    How has this soda tax affected other areas of the city? Well rumor has it a lot of  people are shopping outside of the county and I don't blame them. Who this has effected the most is soda companies. Has it? Well based on my findings via the internet and the "Philadelphia Daily News," local soda companies, such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola are laying off a good amount of employees. Here is where it gets debatable. I'm going to use Pepsi as my example. Pepsi has stated last week that they are scheduled to lay off 80-100 workers based on a "supposedly" 40 percent cut in sales, but in other stats it shows that Pepsi made $35 billion last year and a $6 billion dollar profit. This soda tax has also helped create 251 jobs specifically full time Pre-K teaching positions. So is the soda companies really losing money? And on the other hand would you trade in one hundred loss soda workers for an additional 250  educational workers? It's a dog eat dog world and something has to give so? Your thoughts. But! On the other hand, it has been reported in pass news that the city of Philadelphia is also receiving thousands, I mean high thousands from Uber and other ride sharing companies that also help benefit the Philadelphia school systems. So is these soda companies being greedy or is the Philadelphia school system doing that bad that they need funding from two different funding companies?

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